September 2016 Recap

So today is September 1st and the past month is relatively article-free. But during August I did a lot of things I haven't written down yet.


MTGos has been rewritten and now it is a nanokernel. It currently only supports text-output modules. MTGos is loaded by a bootloader called FIRMloader, which runs on x86/x86_64 and 3ds. The first one is loaded by GRUB and the second one by arm9loaderhax.

Other Projects

I had some fun last weekend with OpenGL. Although I probably won't be using it for a future game I'm planning, it might help me if I write a 3D game.


I got a new 3DS. I already set up a9lh and right after finishing the guide a new and easier one went up. As my luck wasn't that great on that day I lost my KPR save.


I built and installed FreeBSD 11.0 RC2 on both the server and the PC. Also they have been some issues with packets arriving like 1 minute after sending them. Wi-Fi didn't have that problem and I couldn't look into it for now.


I got a let's encrypt cert. Also I am going to replace it with a self-signed certificate soon. There are some extensive problems with the current certificate system and how browsers trust unencrypted sites more than self-signed sites. Stay tuned~1


This article has definitely been written but it has been lost to time.

devkitARM on FreeBSD

Title says it all. To keep this section short: when creating shell-scripts remember the three rules of shell-programming:

  • start shell scripts with #!/usr/bin/env bash instead of #!/bin/bash. All BSD users will thank you

  • never omit the -f argument from tar. BSD tar doesn't work without the -f argument

  • BSD sed doesn't have a -i argument like GNU sed does. Code using sed -i thus breaks

And here are two other things you should look out for:

  • Include stdlib.h instead of malloc.h

  • use $(MAKE) instead of make in makefiles.

GNU make and BSD make are incompatible and FreeBSD doesn't have a malloc.h