July 2016 Recap

What I did this month (Hint: More than June)


  • I added an Unicode Font (extracted with some random commands from unifont). C9AFBF8

  • I added an working IDE write driver (ATA PIO). 05941E6

  • I added a WIP FAT driver (currently outputs root dir listing on FAT12/16) E974AF0

  • While pushing that commit, github went down and I needed to commit again, to sync the github git servers with the HTTP servers or something

  • I experimented with the unreal mode, but quickly settled to write a FIRM loader from an multiboot-loaded loader.

  • A complete rewrite is going to happen.


  • I installed FreeBSD on my PC

  • I'm just finished installing FreeBSD on my Picoserver (RPi2)

  • I wrote an article on home network security

  • I switched from apache to lighttpd. This means that currently I don't have SSL certificates for my server

  • I have a "working" mail server! If you want to ask me a question you now can just ask me via email! (root AT dark32 DOT cf)


  • All activated user accounts on the server now use three/four-factor authentification (pubkey, pass, OTP)

  • My PC's HDDs are fully encrypted, save for the boot partition

  • I secured my phone for two factor auth.

  • 32 char passwords


  • Finished Undertale neutral and pacifist routes. Stuck at final boss of genocide.

  • Err… Should I mention that I'm still stuck at Kirby Planet Robobot's final boss? No?

  • looks for the cause Err. My 3DS is still broke. And it got even worse when it randomly decided that closing it causes a short contact.

  • I got Linux from Scratch to run on my Wii … Kinda.

What's next?

  • Rewrite of MTGos. Got a lot of ideas. Also every but the x86 port is totally broken. AND the coding style. AND the tabulator settings. Took me ages to fix most of the code from 2-width, 3-width, 4-width, 8-width spaces and tabs randomly thrown in.

  • Finish undertale, I guess?

  • Save up for a < 11.0 N3DS (Most likely takes more than a month)

  • Find some subjects interesting enough to talk about on my blog

  • Fix the fact that I have to login to twitter every time I boot my phone up.

Next article will be one with not so many lists, I promise. But some monthly recap looks better in list form.